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Dear Friend, We are infinite., Smiles- Jogan
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Dear Friend, We are infinite.
Smiles- Jogan

(Picture Credits to http://tswifttt13.tumblr.com/   …Sorry I can’t find the actual picture link. It’s too far down on the page)

This was supposed to be extremely short… that didn’t happen. Hope you like it anyway :)

The hand holding the phone was shaking. Logan was crying. He often cried, only he wasn’t one to let others see. It was another day like so many others where nothing had gone right. The call from his father had been too much, and the prefect found himself, once again, sobbing in a deserted corner of the school. At least he believed it to be deserted. A boy stood watching him from behind a building, wondering the best way to approach him.

As the dark-haired boy watched, Logan picked up an empty Arizona iced tea bottle that was sitting beside him. He took the hand that wasn’t holding the phone, and crushed the bottle in his hand. It seemed effortless, but when Logan dropped it, a few drops of red fell to the ground. The boy standing on the side wondered it the bottle had been his or if he had simply found it there and needed something to destroy. Logan let out a sob and the boy started, as if he wanted to comfort him, but something stopped him. 

"Why me?" Logan looked at the cracked bottle on the brick. It was almost beautiful- cracked but beautiful all the same. The boy in the shadows watched him with an expression that was better then any actor. But he wasn’t acting. He normally was, literally or not, but at this moment, his emotions were pure. He looked at the back of the blonde boy’s head.

"Why me?" It wasn’t a word as much as it was a breath; an exhale of something he wished to be rid of. Both boys stared blankly ahead; the actor at the boy in front of him and the boy in front at nothing. Finally, Julian Larson decided to break the silence. 

"Lo?" He said almost vulnerably as he took a hesitant step closer to the prefect. Logan jumped and whirled around, a false sneer slapped onto his face.

"What, Jules? I’m busy," He snapped, trying to sound offhand and irritated at the same time.

"Staring at the ground? Yeah, come on. You think I don’t know you better then that?" There was sarcasm in Julian’s voice, but it wasn’t harsh, and his words struck home. Logan’s face fell into its original sadness. Julian wasn’t sure witch he preferred. The actor sat down next to him, and hesitantly picked up his hand. There were a few cuts and it was still bleeding, but it wasn’t anything too serious. Logan winced as Julian carefully traced one of the marks absently with his thumb.

"Better me then anyone else, right?" Logan muttered, pain dripping from every syllable. "At least that’s what my father basically told me…"

"Lo… your worth more then that," Julian said, forgetting to sound sarcastic or ironic or anything else besides worried and honest. 

"Am I really though? No one cares about me. You’ve basically said that yourself."

"And you really think I meant it?" Julian’s tone was incredulous as he looked at his friend, wondering how many insults Logan took to be true. 

"Who are you and what have you done with Julian Larson?" The warbler asked with a small smile. Julian only shrugged and looked down.

"Bad day as well?" Logan asked, nudging his shoulder. Julian simply nodded. Logan looked at him for a long moment.

"You should have said something."

"What?" Julian asked, confused. 

"You were standing here, weren’t you? You knew I was here…" Logan tried to say the word crying, but he couldn’t bring himself to. Julian saw no point in lying so he simply nodded slowly again.

"I should have said something earlier but… It’s not like I’ve seen you cry before. And I didn’t want to make things worse…" Julian trailed off, giving the beautiful boy beside him a long glance that lasted a second too long. Both Logan and Julian looked away sightly awkwardly. 

"You like to mess things up, don’t you," Logan said with a smirk. Julian punched his arm lightly. 

"Shut up!" He grinned. Logan grinned back, but the smile faded as quickly as it grew.

"It’s depressing isn’t it?" He said, "That my best friend is scared to approach me when I’m crying," Julian opened his mouth to speak but Logan wouldn’t let him, "I mean when did we start hating each other? Do we even hate each other? It’s confusing. I’m tired."

"I don’t hate you. I could never hate you," Julian said quietly. He looked into Logan’s eyes and for a second, only a second, he let his guard down enough to give Logan’s hand a squeeze. Logan smiled slightly, and returned it. 

"I could never hate you either," He whispered. 

"Will we go back to acting like we hate each other tomorrow?" Julian smirked slightly, pushing his walls back up again. 

"Probably, Jules. But it’s nice to have a decent conversation with you once in a while," Logan smiled at him. There was no sarcasm in his voice.

"Anytime your majesty," Julian replied easily. Reluctantly, he released the other boy’s hands, and watched as Logan got up and walked away. Even though to anyone else it would have probably been considered nothing, for the rest of the day, Julian couldn’t stop smiling.

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